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A small local tea shop was launching a new line of hand crafted, responsibily sourced organic herbal 'teas' or tisanes. They were in search of high-style packaging that would appeal to their fashion forward local customers and the town's tourist trade, while aligning with their sustainable business model.



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A small local tea shop was launching a new line of responsibily sourced organic tisane "teas" and wanted to package them in the store as they developed them. They also wanted a nice way to provide responsible gift packaging, it needs to be affordable and not take up too much room in their small shop.
We researched competitive tea packaging and sustainable container options, considering affordability, ease of use, storage space and flexibility. We learned they planned to launch two new varieties every six to eight months. Testing flavors first for success with their customers for a year before moving to gift packaging and any kind of volume.   
With a planned two flavor launch to start, and a roll-out of two to four more in a year. Packaging was simplified to paper pouches with easy to print food safe stickers that can be applied as filled in-store. Tea tins are printed with a pattern for each flavor with a simple black band treatment with the do Gooder logo, tagline, and web address. The package label is an easy to remove sticker creating beautiful gift tins and refillable tisane storage tins. We opted for a groovy aesthetic with bright colors and a fun nod to 70's fashion for the brand. Everything is bright, modern, and appealing making herbal tea, or tisane as it is correctly called, a hip sip, no matter your generation.


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