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Sue Johnson:


Empathic listening is my superpower. I hear what isn’t being said. Leading me to better questions faster and a deeper understanding of client and team member needs.


Approach problem solving with open-hearted, open-minded curiosity. Embrace research and data for its insight, especially when it’s surprising. Surprises in the learning stage of a project can lead to the biggest strategically-minded ideas – the unexpected a-ha moments.


Building strong client and team relationships begins with inclusiveness and a feeling of trust and respect for what everyone brings to the table. My belief in true collaboration leads all involved to an understanding their ideas are valued and taken seriously, resulting in work that is smarter, stronger, and more successful.


Identify the strongest and most clever ideas that move the business needle, with attention to detail, schedules, and budgets. Expand and check concepts against sound strategic thinking. I distill the essence to build the simplest, most elegant communication. This is where the magic happens! Honest brands are born or reimagined to maximize their positive impact and potential.

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