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Campus Cooks was the first to offer professional chef driven foodservice and management to Fraternity and Sorority Chapter houses. Research identified their primary target as Chapter house members, aka: college kids. Their brand had not been updated since it was created in 1998 and their messaging was very problem driven. There was a big opportunity to honor their purpose by updating everything to reflect the positive teams and beautiful food being delivered daily on campuses across the country.



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How might we make Campus Cooks really resonate with today’s fraternity and sorority student leaders and bring their brand back to leading with their purpose? And how might we make professional chef candidates excited about working with Campus Cooks over the competition?
Campus Cooks believed their primary target audience were chapter executives. SEO research revealed primary website visitors were college students, followed by chefs searching for jobs. Further research identified a real need across campuses to fill houses with live-in members, good food being a key factor in competition with dorms. Interviews with senior staff chefs, operations directors and leadership kept circling back to their original promise and purpose. “Deliver in-house food service that enhances the Greek life experience and is delicious and reliable for house leaders.” Over time their messaging had lost its way.
Campus Cooks was repositioned and rebranded beginning with a new logo embedded with deep meaning to the leadership team, symbolic of what they deliver to sorority and fraternity chapters: nourishing, healthy meals, care and kindness, and celebration of the Greek life experience. The new brand is bright and on point with today’s college students, while still maintaining a professional attitude chapter executives trust. We changed their look and voice to a positive, lively tone that is conversational, friendly, and inclusive. While using images of happy faces and delicious food that feel relatable in today’s social media driven society visually saying “we know you, we understand what you want”. Resulting in increased sales and greater engagement with the company from prospective customers, clients, employees, and vendors. Overall web traffic is up 14.70%, with a 21.31% increase in unique page views since launch.


"Results have yielded more engagement to our brand from prospective customers, clients, employees, and vendors. Sue was able to translate our service promise into a visually powerful representation of the creative excellence our Private Chefs deliver for fraternities and sororities across the country. Our leads and conversions have grown, leading to strong net new revenue gains."

"Your work was transformative for us and I LOVED working with you." — Director Sales + Marketing, Campus Cooks


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