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A research firm needed interactive reports designed for their client. The project would follow brand guidelines of the parent company yet be ownable as a thought leadership piece for the AVMA Trust, their client.



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How might a veterinary Work-Life Experience report be designed that is distinctive and ownable for the AVMA TRUST while passing through an extensive approval process by veterinarians, executives, board members and the marketing department of parent company AVMA. While working within a very tight budget how might I guide the research company in pie and bar chart creation, knowing whatever they provided would be used in the report. More than 2,500 practicing and 300 retired veterinarians lent their voices to the research survey, providing thousands of valuable nuggets of wisdom, insight, and perspectives on life as a veterinarian.
A challenge became how to include as many of these quotes in the pieces as possible as they lent compassion, advice and understanding to the extensive compiled data in the report.
The research findings indicated veterinarians were feeling highly stressed by the effects of the pandemic. Visually communicating challenges in an honest and respectful way, while calling out positive influences would be imperative to gaining report approval from all parties. Developing a working relationship directly with the parent company’s marketing team and demonstrating respect for their brand also gave me access to their premium stock photo account, a great way to extend the budget, while helping to assure design approvals when the time came. Working hand-in-hand with the research company on the best ways to communicate all the data visually within their capacities would provide the best opportunity to produce a successful report.
Building partnerships between all the players in the project allowed me to deliver a successful, easily approved, comprehensive, 56 page thought leadership 2022 AVMA Trust Trend Report with a Work-Life Experience pull-out section, and executive summary. Utilizing the veterinarian’s quotes as design elements as well as in text allowed us to include a very important element of compassion and advice to an industry that has been very challenged during the pandemic. Both the research company and AVMA Trust felt good about all the pieces produced.


"It's a beautiful report and Stephanie (AVMA Trust client) summed it up in her comments: What a terrific piece of work! Well done! It is a great read – very interesting, at times inspiring, and at other heartbreaking."


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